NTA level 4

Basic Technician Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Main Objectives

To train personnel to acquire the Basic Technicians Certificate (NTA level 4) who will be able to support senior technician and engineers to apply electronic and electrical engineering principles and concepts to install, monitor, maintain and trouble shoot electronic and electrical engineering equipment, devices and systems

Modules with a total of 120 credits are spread over two semesters; 60 credits per semester. Each module is covered in one semester of 15 weeks of study and 2 weeks of examinations.

Modules are classified in subsections





The intention is to equip students with the essential theory which is built on basic science foundation followed by engineering science and crowned by specialist skills.

The students acquire skills to use the essential engineering tools; computer software, electrical and electronic engineering tools, workshop tools and basic laboratory equipment. The programme have a strong practical component that is absolutely essential for technicians

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Department of Civil Engineering

Vikindu Catholic Polytechnic College
Vikindu, Mkuranga Pwani

+255 754 074 384

Mon – Fri 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

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To spearhead employable education in Africa and became part of its history


Capacity building of children of Africa to meet the emerging challenges happening in the word, by imparting employable education with discipline with leads to self enlightenment and development of the nation

Rationale of Developing the Programme

The Electrical and Electronics  Engineering field is a fast growing field in the word today.The tremendous technological growth that we have seen in the past four decades has had a significant influence in lives of nearly everybody.

New systems and services have emerged at an unprecedented rate and these require installations, maintenance and trouble shoot. However, in Tanzania there is a shortage of technicians who can do this work.

Thus the rationale of developing the programme is thtreefold

  • To address the extreme shortage of technicians at these level in this field in the market to day
  • To address the national needs articulated through various Tanzanian Government technical and higher and education polices
  • To train more technicians in line with the industrialization policy of the phase five Government


Entry Requirements

Holders of Certificate of secondary Education Examination (CSCEE) with at least four (4) relevant passes( i.e. D grade or higher) in the following subjects: Physics/Engineering science, Mathematics, Chemistry and any other modules or possession of at least NVA level III of relevant trade and completion of O-level