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About Us

VICAPOC's History

Vikindu Catholic Polytechnic College (VICAPOC) is a property of Tanzania Episcopal Conference(TEC). It is to be governed by the TEC Board of Trustees of Catholic Institutes of Technical Education through its Governing Board which is advised by the VICAPOC Advisory Board.

VICAPOC is located within the District of Mkuranga, in the Coastal region.Identifies itself as an instrument of transmitting values which are an integral part of the mission of church of informing through teaching and researching, and of transforming humanity through value transmission

The rationale of the establishment of VICAPOC in the Costal region is meant to maintain the vision of the Catholic Church to bring tertiary education services closer to the people as been its tradition globally, regionally and locally.

If you would like to study in the college in the heart of the city that focus on chaning the world for better to morrow, you’re choosing the right place. We do not use special formulas to select students. We look at every single applicant’s application, academic and personal, to select students who suit to our community.

Our Mission

To furnish the youth and society at large with technical education which is socio-economically responsive and transformative

Our Vission

To be a reputable and vibrant institution technically responsive to regional, zonal, national and international development needs.

Core Values

  • Excelllence in all aspects of professional and Academic life
  • Respect and elevation of the inherent dignity of all human beings
  • Holistic human formation and human service
  • Pursuit of the highest ideals of ethical and professional integrity

Special Campus Tour

Campus on a tour designed for prospective  professional students. You will see how our college like, facilities, student’s and life in this college.

Programme Offered

  • Basic Techinician Certificate in Civil Engineering
  • Basic Techinician Certificate in Electrical and Eletronics Engineering
  • Techinician Certificate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Techinician Certificate in Civil Engineering
  • Ordinary Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Ordinary Diploma in Civil Engineering